Written by: Visualhouse, 6SQFT
Photography: Visualhouse

Jeanne Gang’s High Line adjacent tower topped out just a few short months ago. Since then, it has had it’s geometric glass installed. Unlike any other building in Manhattan, this 10-story office space takes on a unique glazing system. The lower levels of the building itself showcases a futuristic “solar carve” style that the building has since been known for. 

The name “Solar Carve Tower” is derived from the buildings unique sculpted shape. These particular shapes are said to be “sculpted by the angles of the sun”. This curtain wall is made of diamond shaped panels that face downward, which is also supported by 4 triangular slabs around it. “The facade comes from “the geometric relationships between the allowable envelope and the sun’s path,” according to the firm. This feature should bring much more sunlight to the High Line without the dark shadows caste into the green spaces.

The Visualhouse team worked closely with Aurora Capital Associates to create some of the initial marketing collateral for the project. The 139,000 square foot mixed use building will feature commercial space, retail as well out a beautiful outdoor area.