Written by: Visualhouse, Curbed LA, Urbanize LA
Photography: Visualhouse

The 8899 Beverly office building, also referred to as International Creative Management building, was first built back in 1962. It was widely known for its distinctive balconies and mid -century modern structure. When initially built, the owners went on to purchase 12 residential lots behind the structure to create a parking lot. In addition to the lot, they structured a buffer of green space between the building and the neighborhood. This space allowed the building to go up without resistance, while keeping the neighborhood feeling authentic and residential.

Fast forward to 2012, it is time to revamp! Beverly Boulevard Associates, a partnership of Townscape and Angelo Gordon & Co. purchased the building and conjoined lot for and estimated $40 million. With plans to expand the building, and redesign the entire property, the town was not pleased. Some residents are concerned that the affordable housing will change the overall nature of the neighborhood by increasing crime and lowering property value. But Tyler Seigel, a principal with Townscape assured the town that “He would not be building this if he thought it would lower the property values”.  Respectfully, after years of meetings, a decision was made and they were ready to start construction.

Starting in 2018, the 10-story edifice will be transformed into 76 residential units - including 15 apartments for low-income households. Townscape will also be building nine townhouses on the former parking lot located north of Rosewood Avenue. Architecture firm, Olson Kundig, is taking on the conversion of this 1962 design. There are plans for adding a new penthouse, as well as keeping some of the pedestrian commercial space.

It is said the 8899 Beverly Blvd will provide the utmost luxury living in the area. The 93,791 square foot structure is fully equipped with top of the line finishes, hotel services and stunning views. Being the tallest building in the area at ten stories high, there is nothing getting in the way of seeing the rest of WeHo. To give the locals a taste of what is coming their way, the design team and architects worked together with Visualhouse to come up with impressive renderings for marketing use. These allow prospective tenants to get a real feel for the outcome of this project.

A complete construction timeline as not yet been released, but one thing is for sure. The rock star Weezer once said “Beverly Hills, that's where I want to be”, and he was spot on.