Written by: Visualhouse, Curbed Miami
Photography: Visualhouse

Prepare yourselves for what is going to be the tallest buildings in all of Miami.  One River Point, a set of twin condo buildings connected by a “floating sky bridge” are expected to go vertical in early 2019. To get a better picture of just how tall these will be, take a look at the recently complete Panorama Tower, now add an additional 100 feet onto that. Is your neck starting to strain - we know.

With sales currently in contract mode and a grand total of 418 units in the buildings combine, there will be no problem getting them filled. This luxury development, designed by Rafael Viñoly, features amenities that are a true force to be reckoned with. Valet boat services, biometric security and automated parking are just a few of the perks that come along with this structure.

With the construction positioned at the bend in the river, it allows the building to orient itself toward Biscayne Bay. Along with a breathtaking view, the project also features a unique pool on the lower amenity deck that appears to flow over the side of the building, creating the illusion of a waterfall flowing into a river. Residents of One River Point are also given the opportunity to join a private club. Club members will have access to 20 private suites, private dining, medically treated spas, bars, and glass elevators.

Although it is easy to talk about how lavish this building will become, it is important to give prospective residents an accurate depiction of what they are signing up for. The project team worked with Visualhouse to create polished renderings of the building and its featured amenities. These images allow people to get a good feel for the final product, while getting excited about the future of the project and the facelift of Miami River.