Written by: Visualhouse, Yimby NY
Photography: Visualhouse

Central Park Tower - the tallest residential building in the world. So now you ask yourself, how tall is the future tallest residential building in the world. Central park tower will stand at a grand 1,550 feet tall. The building will command its space on 57th Street, aka “Billionaires Row”.

Due to the multi level podium on the eastern side of the structure, there are no bad views. Whether you are on the 5th floor or the 75th floor, if you are facing north be prepared for breathtaking views over Central Park. If your apartment is south-facing, do not fret. Out your window you will enjoy the expansive vision from Midtown, through Lower Manhattan, right into the Hudson River. 

All of the structural elements are intentionally placed in each unit to create a clear open and uninterrupted floor plate. This allows the living area of each space to enjoy the direct sunlight and floor to ceiling windows. Or if you are one of the select few residents, you can even step out onto your private terrace to enjoy the breeze from way up above the cluttered Manhattan streets.

The 285,000 square foot condominium will be the home of 179 residential units, as well as a seven story Nordstrom department store. In the early stages of this project, Visualhouse was able to create a series of images before the models were fully developed. These images give you a good visual of just how much the Central Park Tower will stand out of the crowd of Manhattan skyscrapers. With completion to be expected sometime next year, Extell Development Company is very proud to be a small part of a big historical change.