Photography: VISUALHOUSE

We are very excited to share our first ever podcast! Our Founder & CEO Robert Herrick, along with our Director of CGi Mattia Lusignani spoke with Rion Willard on VISUALHOUSE's journey to becoming one of the industry leaders in real estate marketing and how we bring brands to life and create value through ingenious storytelling, imagery, and experience-making.

The episode discusses the benefits of outsourcing and using 3D visualizers, how we have expanded our offering from just imagery to a complete suite of marketing services that cater to the built environment. The episode also goes into detail on the advances in technology currently in use in our studios, such as Unreal Engine and other client facing platforms.

Business of Architecture recently reached out to feature VISUALHOUSE on another episode in April. This episode will go into greater detail on the process behind brand creation and storyteling. Robert will return to offer his insight as well as members of our Creative Team.

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