Photography: VISUALHOUSE

In a groundbreaking collaboration, VISUALHOUSE has joined forces with CIVITAS Sudio to bring the visionary Qiddiya project to life, a revolutionary city set to redefine the landscape of Riyadh. Through a meticulously crafted series of CGI imagery and animations, VISUALHOUSE has played a pivotal role in illustrating the grandeur and innovation that will characterize this futuristic destination. 

Nestled within the formidable Tuwaiq mountains, a mere 40-minute drive from downtown Riyadh, Qiddiya City is set to become a thriving hub of life and activity. Conveniently connected to the capital by major highways and seamlessly integrated into Riyadh’s public transport network, the city is poised to be a cornerstone of the ambitious Vision 2030 initiative by Mohammed Bin Salman.

Qiddiya City unveils a detailed masterplan that encompasses 25 distinct districts, offering a blend of entertainment, sports, culture, residential communities, and pristine natural landscapes. With a commitment to becoming a smart city, the project is expected to house over 600,000 residents and welcome millions of annual visitors, making it a vibrant tapestry of diversity and innovation. 

While the city's architectural marvels are awe-inspiring, it’s breathtaking natural landscapes that will undoubtedly steal the spotlight. Qiddiya City embraces its surroundings, turning the stunning Tuwaiq mountains into its most distinctive hallmark. With an expansive span of 360 square kilometers, it takes more than 25 minutes to traverse the entire city, offering an immersive experience like no other.

At the heart of Qiddiya City’s leisure offering lies a collection of branded theme parks, forming the world’s leading cluster of high-energy tourist attractions. From the pulse-punding excitements of Six Flags to the refreshing splash of Qiddiya Water Theme Park, the city promises an unparalleled blend of thrills against the backdrop of natural wonders. 

Driving the strategic direction and for-profit investments of the enterprise is the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC). This powerhouse holds the reins, guiding the project towards success while aligning with broader vision goals of Vision2030.

While the exact price tag and opening date remain elusive, Qiddiya City has been hailed as a cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s Vision2023, a pivotal initiative to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy away from oil exports. This ambitious undertaking reflects Mohammed Bin Salman’s commitment to transforming the kingdom into a global hub of innovation and prosperity. 

Recent months have witnessed significant progress within Qiddiya City. The main waterpark is now 61% complete and Six Flags stands at an impressive 59% complete. All golf courses  have been meticulously shaped over land equivalent of 215 football fields. These milestones underscore the dedication and precision with which the project is being brought to life. The journey has just begun, and the world eagerly awaits the grand unveiling of this smart city in the heart of the Tuwaiq mountains.

Qiddiya City

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