Photography: VISUALHOUSE

In the heart of Georgia, where business meets innovation and infrastructure, the Perimeter Community Improvements Districts (PCIDs) have been a cornerstone for over two decades. These self-taxing districts have tirelessly worked to accelerate crucial transportation and infrastructure projects, shaping one of Georgia’s most influential business districts. 


This past year, VISUALHOUSE had the privilege of being deeply involved in the transformation of PCID, contributing creatively and visually to the project’s success. From brand identity to website design and development, from digital and print collateral to a captivating full film, every aspect was meticulously crafted to represent the vibrancy and boldness of the changes within Perimeter.

PCIDs operate as self-taxing districts, utilizing additional property taxes to drive essential transportation and infrastructure projects. Bridging the gap between government, development, and business communities, PCIDs have played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Georgia’s most significant business districts.

Home to Fortune 500 companies, the largest retail mall in the state, dining options ranging from casual to fine, premier retailers, and a mix of multi- and single-family housing options, PCIDs boast exceptional transit access and last-mile connections. With three MARTA transit stations, trails and the iconic Perimeter Pretzel interchange, Perimeter is undeniabely one of the Southeast’s leading lifestyle and work communities.


VISUALHOUSE’s involvement in this captivating project spanned across creative and visual fronts. The team produced a range of deliverables, including a fresh brand identity, a seamlessly designed and developed website, digital and print collateral, an engaging organic social media presence, and compelling full-length film. 

The new brand exudes vibrancy and boldness, drawing attention to the ongoing developments and improvements within Perimeter. With over 200 retailers, Fortune 500 businesses, and myriad of transit options, Perimeter is not just a place; it’s a community that caters to the business-minded, the creative collectives, the trendsetters, the homemakers, and the culture connoisseurs. 

Perimeter stands out from its competitors with creative phrases such as “where it all works” and “we’re a corporate playground.” Perimeter's community is committed to going to the extra mile for its residents and businesses, making commutes and community experiences the best they can be. 

Whether you're a corporation, a creative studio, a homegrown startup, or a household name, Perimeter offers the tools you need to flourish. Exciting developments, including fresh retail units and impressive office spaces, are on the horizon, promising a thriving environment for over 5,000 companies at the heart of Perimeter's community.

The collaboration between VISUALHOUSE and PCID Connects has resulted in a transformative journey for Perimeter. The new brand identity and associated deliverables not only reflect the dynamism of the area but also showcase its commitment to fostering a thriving community for businesses and residents alike. As Perimeter continues to evolve, it stands as a testament to the successful synergy between creative vision and community development.

Perimeter Pretzel

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