In the center of Gwanggyo, on a prominent corner, sits a new Galleria design by OMA. The building, which showcases a textured mosaic stone facade punctured by a large element of multifaceted glazing, hopes to be ‘a natural point of gravity’ for the local community.

The stone facade was designed by OMA to evoke the local nature of Gwanggyo Lake Park. The multifaceted glazing breaks up the stone volume while also serving as a public route to access the building’s roof garden. This public route gives the building an organic quality while offering passersby a glimpse in the department store. The building's interior features different vantage points over Gwanggyo through a sequence of cascading terraces.

Hanwha Galleria President and CEO Eun Soo Kim states ‘galleria gwanggyo is the largest department store that galleria has opened in ten years and will play a pivotal role as a core branch providing premium MD lineup and the best VIP facilities and services. in addition, through collaboration with world-class architect OMA, it is well received both domestically and internationally for its creative architecture that is distinct from typical department store format, which applies a new paradigm that ‘transmits light throughout the building through the public loop’. galleria gwanggyo is the most beautiful department store and is expected to become a unique landmark representing korea and the world, providing a new inspiration to customers.’