Photography: VISUALHOUSE

Nestled along the northern tip of the Red Sea, lies a vision so grand, it promises to redefine not just the nation's landscape, but the very essence of modern living. NEOM, a groundbreaking project launched in 2017 by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia's ambition and commitment to shaping the future. As this monumental project takes shape, it's not merely about constructing buildings or roads; it's about crafting an entirely new way of life.

VISUALHOUSE has had the opportunity to work closely with world renowned architects and designers to create a series of marketing materials from CGI to animations and full films for the number of regions within NEOM.

At the forefront of NEOM's development is a commitment to three core pillars: Business, Livabilty, and Conservation. This trinity of values underscores NEOM's mission to become a global beacon of progress, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

NEOM is not a city, it is a place that will be made up of a number of regions, serving as a thriving global hub open for business. Other regions include, linear city, THE LINE, the center for advanced and clean industries OXAGON, mountain destination Trojena and the luxury island resort Sindalah.

With a focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, NEOM aims to create a future-oriented and sustainable economy that sets new benchmarks for talent and enterprise. Supported by a staggering investment of 500 billion USD from the Public Investment Fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and various local and international investors, NEOM is poised to become a magnet for talent and capital across 14 sectors, driving economic growth and prosperity for generations to come.

Central to NEOM's ethos is the belief that cities should be designed with people and nature in mind. By reimagining urbanism, NEOM is pioneering a model for the future - one that prioritizes human well-being and environmental harmony. From the innovative design of THE LINE, a revolutionary linear city that integrated cutting-edge technology with sustainable living, to the interconnectedness of its various regions, NEOM is setting new global standards for livability, where residents cant thrive amidst the beauty of nature.

Already, NEOM is making strides towards its ambitious goals, with the first destinations set to come online in 2024. As the project unfolds in phases, with OXAGON welcoming its first residents in the same year and Trojena becoming a vibrant community by 2026, the momentum only continues to build. By 2030, NEOM envisions a thriving community of one million residents, growing to nine million by 2045 - a testament to its enduring legacy and transformative impact.

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