Written by: Visualhouse
Photography: Visualhouse

Behind the emotive imagery and engaging narratives that Visualhouse has become synonymous with is a skilled collective of storytellers and artists.

This month we spoke with Anthony, one of our superstar Mid Artists in London.

Please introduce yourself. Tell us your story and how you came to be at Visualhouse

Hey, I'm Ant from Birmingham. Studied Computer Games Design at uni, had a few freelance gigs before making the move down south to London and fortunately getting the chance to work at Visualhouse.

Tell us a bit about your role. What are the most enjoyable and challenging aspects?

I am a Mid Artist, I do everything from modelling, texturing, post-processing to losing at ping pong. Every single game! The most enjoyable aspects of my role is how different all the projects we work on are. It's never a boring day!

What tools do you rely on the most in your work?

3Ds Max. 10 years of using this programme and I am still finding new/different techniques to help myself become a better artist. 

What is your secret to staying inspired and motivated? What/who has inspired you recently?

In a non cheesy way, but the other artists in the office! Seeing the work they produce on a daily basis and hearing them talk so passionately about their work and Arch Viz in general helps keep me pushing to become an even better artist.

What would your advice be for someone who wants to get into a role like yours?

Having a passion for architectural design is necessary for this job, I think this is what makes you constantly strive to make your art better. I also think that an interest in the latest technology and software is key to making work that is current and relevant.

If you could choose to have any biscuit stocked in the office, what would it be?

Party Rings. Everyone loves a Party Ring!

Finally, can you summarize why do you do what you do and what makes it all worth it to you?

I (try to!) produce stunning architectural visuals to help people envision their goals. Seeing the final images and hearing how delighted the clients are with the work we have produced makes it all worth it!