Photography: UNICEF

Corporate social responsibility comes in many forms and we as a Company aim to impact social change by reducing our carbon footprint, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and raising awareness on global issues.

Each month, one of our VH Team members chooses an organization of their choice, and we make a one-time charitable donation in order to enact positive change in our nearby communities.

This month, VH London's Project Coordinator Natalie Najda has chosen VaccinAid, a collective of organizations brought together to fight COVID-19 around the world. The initiative is led by UNICEF and Crowdfunder and is backed by charities, governments, the private sector and the public, all working to end the pandemic.

"As we approach winter in the UK, many are being offered booster COVID-19 vaccinations. I feel incredibly fortunate to have open access to vaccine facilities when others are yet to have their first dose. By donating, we join the initiative fighting to improve access to testing and vaccination around the world, and take a step closer to beating the pandemic."

By the end of the year, the organization is hoping to raise enough funds for 2 billion vaccines, 5.6 million tests and 5.5 million treatments around the world.