Photography: VISUALHOUSE

The Busan Automotive Museum is a new, multi-venue experience designed by Heta Architects in South Korea that will celebrate the legacy of cars within a landmark museum and immersive exhibition.

The holistic museum experience seeks to appeal to both car enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts through a strong experiential thread linking a multi-sensory museum experience with a high-quality dining & VIP refined experience.

The project consists of two elements: a ground-borne building and an upper aerodynamic form. The carved ground plane is inspired by the geometry and movement of racetracks with curved surfaces and planes emerging from the landscape. The active ground plane provides opportunities for external car curated displays and a public realm strategy with provisions for car show events.

The upper form is inspired by the form, language and materiality of supercars. Two aerodynamic, fluid forms in motion are held together in a state of tension and poise. The expressive facade is informed by environmental analysis and orientation for optimal views.

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