Photography: Iwan Baan

Superkilen is the creative collaboration between BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, Topotek1 and SUPERFLEX, which constitutes a rare fusion of architecture, landscape architecture and art.

Situated in one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Denmark, it has one overarching idea as a giant exhibition of urban best practice – a sort of collection of globally found objects that come from 60 different nationalities of the people inhabiting the area surrounding it.

Each object is accompanied by a small stainless plate inlaid in the ground describing the object, what it is and where it is from – in Danish and in the language(s) of its origin. A sort of surrealist collection of global urban diversity that in fact reflects the true nature of the local neighborhood.

The conceptual starting point is a division of Superkilen into three zones and colors – green, black and red. The different surfaces and colors are integrated to form new, dynamic surroundings for the everyday objects. The desire for more nature is met through a significant increase of vegetation and plants throughout the whole neighborhood arranged as small islands of diverse tree sorts, blossom periods, colors and origins.

"Rather than plastering the urban area with Danish designs we decided to gather the local intelligence and global experience to create a display of global urban best practice comprising the best that each of the 60 different cultures and countries has to offer when it comes to urban furniture," said BIG project leader Nanna Gyldholm Møller.