Photography: VISUALHOUSE

Working closely with our long-term client, RXR Realty, VISUALHOUSE oversaw the creation of several new images for the 5 Times Square renovation. 5 Times Square, a 39-story office building in the Times Square district of New York City. RXR and its partners have also invested $300 million in the upgrade of the building. The funds will be used to make renovations and improvements to the property, including an improved lobby, elevators, bar and lounge, a golf simulator, a fitness facility, and additional meeting and event spaces.

To show these major improvements, our artists collaborated with RXR’s marketing team to select the amenities and viewpoints that exemplify the world-class services 5 Times Square has to offer. With 48,000 square feet of amenities designed in partnership with Rockwell Group, there was plenty to choose from. Such as the health and wellness area, which contains a juice bar, yoga/meditation rooms, and locker rooms, all of which are beneficial to mindfulness, relaxation, and fitness. The media room was also selected, which will provide a state-of-the-art recording and broadcast studio for the tenant's multimedia needs. The bar and lounge area was also brought to life and will provide a serene and comfortable setting to recharge and socialize with colleagues.

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