Photography: VISUALHOUSE

Dear Clients, Employees and Collaborators.

I have always prided myself by leading in a positive manner for VISUALHOUSE over the last 12 years by guiding the Team to find creative solutions to our complex projects. 

When COVID-19 landed on the doorstep of our various Studios, I would be lying if I said I was not highly concerned over both the wellbeing of our staff and the Company. The quick action that our Directors and staff took this year to ensure everyone's safety, whilst continuing to work closely and deliver a record number of projects over the course of 2020, was outstanding. And, I will forever be grateful to our Team for their hard work in doing so.

Not only has VISUALHOUSE managed to push through a global pandemic, but we have actually grown. This year, we welcomed two staff members into our Creative department, a Digital Marketing Director, five Account Directors and a Project Manager across our London, Los Angeles and New York Studios.

We have continued to work closely with our clients on positioning and repositioning some of the world's leading commercial and residential landmark real estate properties for the future, and we are all looking forward to the New Year and an uplifting 2021!

Best Wishes,

Robert Herrick